Our story begins with two sisters, Stephanie and Eve Glover who are the founders of Te Arai Wellness Collective.
From a young age they were introduced to a life of travel. It was about finding places that would inspire them through the lifestyles of different cultures and their traditional healing methods.

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Eve Glover

Eve Glover – Medical Herbalist - Massage Therapist – Creator
Dip. Spa therapies (Elite), Dip. Herb Med (SPCNT), Reiki Cert. Level I and II.

Hi, I’m Eve

I love creating a sacred space for people and I love creating (moonlighting as a jeweller).

For me there is an incredible pull towards the ocean and the creatures that live in it, probably due to my lifestyle and DNA, and partly my upbringing.

I remember from age 9 or 10 being fascinated, excited and curious about the magic and the meaning of plants. I started a medicinal herb garden and researched as much as my reading ability allowed. Our travels around the world as children, particularly Africa and Indonesia, fed my curiosity for spirituality in life. Blessings and offerings left out for deities in Indonesia and the dancing of Masai warriors inspired me to explore rituals and ceremony.

I graduated with a diploma in spa therapies in 2005 and continued to work in spas, retreats, chiropractic clinics and health stores. In 2011 I completed my Diploma in Herbal Medicine and I’ve been working this into my practice with clients ever since.

What I love the most about this work is celebrating the uniqueness in you as an individual at any stage of life and walking beside you as your body awakens its own innate ability to heal whether it be through herbal formulas, on the massage table or both.

Phone Eve 021 1438179

Email evieglover@gmail.com


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Stephanie Glover

Massage Therapist
Dip. Therapeutic Massage (NZCM), Visceral Manipulation Therapy (Barral Institute) CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute) Cert. Ayurveda. Currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

My story started with travel and an interest in how people heal themselves through indigenous culture, art, music, exercise, ancient healing treatments and rituals. The ocean at Te Arai and the peaceful natural surroundings in this area help to fuel my passion for the outdoors. As a mother of two young children they ensure that I continue to learn.

I graduated from the New Zealand College of Massage in 2002 with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and worked in the health and wellness industry in the years that followed, both in New Zealand and in Europe. One of my passions is massage on location and I’ve had lots of experience massaging on super yachts, in hotels, healing sanctuaries, luxury spas and numerous outdoor environments. I have learned so much about health, wellness, meditation and healing rituals so I love to share all of this. In my practice I like to get to the source of people and connect them to themselves or to others who may help in their healing. I try to make an interesting and creative setting for massage therapy in order to bring a distinctive flow to my work, I only use organic products and constantly evolve my music playlist. I love sound therapy and like to incorporate this into my treatments through music playlists and experiential crystal bowl sessions.
“you can look at disease as a form of disharmony, and there’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound and music vibration” – Mitchell Gaynor M.D. (Sounds of Healing)

Whatever healing means to you, whether it's life dragging you down or chronic pain, I’d like to help put you on the path towards feeling well, whole and happy.

Phone Stephanie 021302659

Email stephygrace@gmail.com





Hello, my name is Pip Andrews. I am

excited to be at the beginning of a

collaboration with the Te Arai Wellness

Collective. I am a natural health

practitioner and have just completed

my Diploma in Homeopathy (Dip Hom).

Homeopathy is a remarkably gentle

and effective natural health system

that individually matches your specific

symptoms with a specific remedy.

My niche is musculoskeletal issues and headaches. I work with people who have acute problems and

also more chronic issues.

If you are motivated to seek natural solutions to your health and well being then please contact me

to have a chat about how Homeopathy could work for you.

Ph 0211249125





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Pain is something many people live with on a daily basis and accept it as part of life. But with Osteopathy it can be managed or improved. When the body’s musculoskeletal system is not properly aligned it inhibits circulatory, lymphatic or nervous system function and therefore reduces the body’s ability to heal.

We can vouch first hand for the amazing quality of Roger’s treatments, he’s been our family Osteopath since way back when he returned to Mangawhai after many years in the U.K. He grew up in Mangawhai and is part of a well known local family. His partner Josie Gritten has a great reputation for her photography, all credit goes to her for the pics on our website!

“There are so many aspects to Osteopathy, skeletal and muscular problems may all be connected. Mechanical problems can occur from over strain, sports injuries, that first big day gardening in spring or simply getting older.” -Roger

You can get in touch with Roger and find out more about him via his website manualtherapies.co or contact him by phone: 021 234 0226

He practices in Mangawhai Village at Kakariki in the Bennetts Complex.





A growing number of yogis have joined with doctors of Chinese medicine to sound the call for balance, favouring yoga classes that temper all that hyped yang energy with its more peaceful opposite, "yin" (think water, darkness, cold, moon, and rest).

Superstar yin teacher Katy Carter of Hamsa Yoga has 20 years of yoga practice and is a senior qualified yoga teacher (EYRT500).   Katy describes  her classes as "slow and low". Her private and group sessions are lovingly designed to unwind your body and mind from the stresses of daily life. Her style of teaching seems to open up parts of you that you never knew existed, it's a subtle body practice and Katy has become a master at "quietening things down".

Mangawhai Hilltop Retreat is her private guest accommodation in the picturesque rolling hills of Te Arai. Just 90 minutes from the Auckland CBD, this stylish and cosy 'Scandi' loft offers a personal mini-retreat space for solo or couple guests. You can book an in house massage (with the Te Arai Wellness team of course!), and enjoy beautiful vegetarian food, it is simply the most beautiful place to completely rest your body and reset your mind space.

We recommend Katy's yoga as a supplement for anyone who needs a way to even out their more dynamic, action-packed workout routine, as well as for anyone looking for more mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.



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"True wellbeing is an accomplishment which takes commitment. The commitment towards self-awareness, breaking habits and making the decision to put yourself first. It is as challenging as it is rewarding to do this."

Honor has been in our lives as a yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner and true friend for many years now. She can develop a personalized diet and lifestyle plan to improve your present health or as a preventative for future disease based on the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. Her detox programs have a huge following and are highly recommended.

One of Mangawhai's most experienced yoga teachers, Honor operates small Iyengar classes from her boutique yoga studio The Yoga Room in Mangawhai and runs her Ayurvedic Clinic there too.