Tan Vibes - Stephanie talks about spray tans

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 After our Dad passed away from melanoma in 2014 we became more aware of the risk from UV rays here in Aotearoa and we began to like a real tan less and less. We decided that aged, pigmented, dry and coarse skin was never going to be an option for us even though we have adventurous spirits and love the outdoors.

We were also concerned about the ingredients used in fake tans and sun screens for ourselves and the children in our family so we began to research solutions that didn't have toxic chemicals. On one of our family holidays to Byron Bay we came across Sonya Driver's company Eco Tan and found her melanoma story was inspiring and her dedication to creating this organic product range for her sister truly came from the heart.

We were so pleased to find Eco Tan products and to be able to create the look of a tan without adding to our skin aging woes. The colour looks completely natural and lasts for at least 5-6 days. It's made in Australia, vegan and cruelty free. Sonya Driver from Eco Tan has put together a spray tan solution that is beautiful, safe and totally free from all toxic ingredients. She uses certified organics and naturals in all of her formulas. There is no "green washing" here!! These products are so safe even whilst pregnant and breast feeding.

We offer two different professional solutions for spray tanning, both have a developing time of two hours before being washed off.

RICH HONEY is perfect for those who are fair skinned and also a great option for brides. Its a beautiful, natural golden tone that contains aloe vera to help hydrate the skin.

TWO SOLUTION gives you that richly luxurious earthy brown tan. This looks especially beautiful on medium-olive toned skins.


  • Exfoliate 24 hours beforehand. Pay particular attention to the dry areas on your body like elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Use a scrub or exfoliant glove.
  • Bring an old g string or you don't have to wear anything at all.
  • For afterwards, make sure you have some loose fitting clothing

AFTER CARE - Your tan will last between 5-6 days, depending on how you look after it. If your skin starts to dry out then your lovely tan will start to fade. We recommend moisturising with a non oil based moisturiser daily. Avoid harsh soaps and remember that swimming pool chemicals may decrease the life of your tan.