Winter Retreat


It’s easy to do the things we love when we feel energized and inspired, but when we are running on empty, it’s hard to feel that love – even if you know that at any other time in your life you would! How can you possibly give to others if your glass is half empty?  If you’re in need of a re-charge for the sake of your own health and those around you, our 5 August Te Arai Retreat could be exactly what you need. Check out all the details for this one day retreat


Immerse yourself in a country sanctuary just 90 minutes north of Auckland in the countryside close to Te Arai and Forestry Beaches in a Bali inspired country home.
Be inspired and expand your self-awareness as you rejuvenate in a relaxing environment. No longer do you need to jet-away to tropical locations to enjoy inspired wellness.

Led by Te Arai Wellness Collective’s founders Stephanie and Eve and guided by our guest- intuitive life coach Eva Diamond.


  • Be inspired as you chat and listen with intuitive life coach Eva Diamond. This will be a unique experience as the topic is intuitively based on the needs of the individuals present.
  • You’ll come to understand how Herbal Medicine can get your body back on track with samplings of medicinal herbs and hand blended teas personally curated by our qualified Medical Herbalist Eve Glover.
  • Experience Ayurveda chakra rebalancing and sound therapy with body worker Stephanie to bring the body into balance for greater mental, emotional and physical health.
  •  Dine on nourishing snacks, turmeric lattes and healthy hot chocolate to keep you happy and warm throughout the day.
  •  Rest, and relax with our own guided yoga nidra meditation or “rested sleep” which will encourage deep relaxation and meditation.
  • You’ll take home a Te Arai Wellness gift box to further support you after your retreat.
  • Attending this retreat will entitle you to a 10% discount off one of the following:

    a 60-minute intuitive coaching session with Eva Diamond

    a 60-minute massage treatment with body workers Stephanie or Eve

    a 60-minute herbal medicine consultation with Eve

    a 60-minute reiki session with Eve

Date:     Saturday 5 August
Time:    10am to 4pm
Location:             115 Ocean View Road Te Arai
Investment:       $120.00
This retreat will be limited to 10 people so secure your booking early.