We're kind of on the minimalist side of things when it comes to beauty issues but we are suckers for new wonder products that are apparently going to change our lives.

Our regimes at Te Arai aren't super complicated and the older we get the more we find ourselves simplifying things. We'd just rather be doing other stuff than laboring over our skincare. So when Sonya Driver from Eco Tan had her chemist make up an oil for her melanoma scar and as well developed a 3 step skincare system we couldn't wait to order some as her tanning products have filled our cupboard for a few years now.

We like to cover all bases with all of the different skin types when we're doing facials and use different products for different results, so we've been trialing Sonya's range in our clinic recently because of the incredible cult following it already has.

Because we love everything oil the Glory Oil doesn't involve a lot of fuss. We can mix it with the Super Hydrator, which is Sonya's answer to a hyaluronic acid product which plumps up the hydration levels in the skin.

We always make time for a self-care Sunday regime. Double cleanse with the Super Citrus Cleanser, exfoliate with Acai Exfoliator before applying the Compost Mask, that's it. Put on some music, pour a glass of wine and relax for 7 minutes before removing. And when you're done, a sprinkling of Face Tan Water followed by Super Hydrator or Glory Oil and you'll have amazing looking skin to start off the week.

It's a really simple system, it definitely works and the claims she makes certainly are real. You can connect with us any time if you'd like to try any of these products and have a look below at what we've added to our menu now at Te Arai for face and body.




Sonya Driver's 3 Step Skincare   

Sonya Driver's 3 Step Skincare


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Face and Body Treatments at Te Arai


Reiki Facial - one hour $80

For optimal peace and relaxation, you'll enjoy positive Reiki energy during the entire holistic beauty experience.

Massage and Facial - one and a half hours $130

Blissful European facial massage with lymphatic drainage and deep cleansing is the perfect complexion boost and instant pick-me-up to follow a wonderful full body massage.

Hot Stone Therapy - one and a half hours $130

Deep tissue massage with heat therapy. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain and promote deep relaxation.