picture courtesy Vanity Fair Magazine

picture courtesy Vanity Fair Magazine

Hi there all you expectant Mamas!

Are you preparing to meet your little one and navigating your body’s constant changes, changes your body will go through during pregnancy and birth?

Of course addressing any alignment or muscle imbalances prior to becoming pregnant is best! Imagine giving birth through a pelvis free from restrictions and able to expand?

Lets be honest here, it doesn’t always feel fantastic, morning sickness, then back pain and swelling are especially common in the last trimester. As your baby grows and your skeletal system changes shape, reducing pain and tension becomes a priority. You’ll be thinking about having greater ease in birthing.

Our bodies register changes in the body and birthing as trauma so it’s very important during postpartum to release the held emotional and physical stress held in the tissues.

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Our Mama Massages are crafted to leave you feeling supported, soothed and re-energized. As skilled therapists, we know how to work with your body and it’s unique needs, aches and pains.

Using bolsters and body pillows for positioning and comfort, safe for pregnancy aromatherapy oils and massage techniques geared toward relieving muscle tension, helping with circulation and swelling plus promoting restful sleep, essential for every Mama to be.

We want you to enjoy this time for yourself and take a moment to rest and recharge knowing the best thing you can do for your baby is to treat your body well.