We have known our Te Arai neighbour Pip Andrews for a number of years and we are so happy that Pip is joining us as a qualified Homeopath who we know you will fall in love with. Pip has a special warmth, positivity and knowledge base that she adds to our community. She is a truly passionate practitioner who has a unique ability to help many conditions, specialising in musculoskeletal issues and headaches, Pip also treats acute problems and chronic issues.

It’s different completely to herbal medicine and over the years we have become aware of a number of great homeopathic alternatives to standard medications. As massage practitioners we’ve recommended the use of arnica for pain, bruises and swelling. We’ve stocked up on homeopathy for anything from the flu to emergency at home kits for the little ones to deal with fevers and rashes.

As a science graduate from Auckland University, Pip needed evidence based solutions when looking for natural alternatives for her family. The positive experiences she had with Homeopathy led her to study in this field.

Homeopathy is safe, has no side effects or allergic reactions and is both inexpensive and effective. In some countries, homeopathic remedies are the first line of defense against ailment, from the common cold, to bruising after surgery and muscular pain. Such a gentle and effective path to healing and a great starting point for anyone wanting to try alternative medicine.

Pip enjoys a “slow-living” lifestyle on a block of land with her husband James and their two children in the hinterland of Te Arai.

For more information and to book a consultaton contact Pip M: 0211249125

E thehomeopath@outlook.co.nz www.thehomeopath.co.nz